For College Students

Goalline is is a college ministry that is all about you. There are a variety of ways you can participate.


Survivor is a large group program that meets for one hour on designated weeks during each semester. During Survivor time, students participate in games and music and listen to various speakers. Free food is provided at the end of each Survivor. The focus of Survivor is to provide a time for students to fellowship with other students and adults and learn more about God. All students are shown acceptance. The date, time and location of Survivor programs are announced at the beginning of each semester.


Bible studies are offered several times each week at various locations. Students are invited to attend one or more based on their needs and schedules.


This program is the "heart"of Goalline Ministries. Through this program, families in the community are paired with Thomas University students. The purpose of the program is to provide encouragement and support for students. Students do not live with their Adopt-a-Parents. Each adult who participates in this program must pass a background check. Possible activities include:

  • Eating meals at the Adopt-a-Parent's home
  • Going to church with the Adopt-a-Parents
  • Washing clothes at the Adopt-a-Parent's home
  • Receiving information about the community from the Adopt-a-Families
  • Participating in community events with the Adopt-a-Families


Goalline mission projects are opportunities for students to work in cooperation with churches in the local area. These opportunities may be local, within the United States, and/or abroad. Some activities in the past have included participation in mission trips to Nicaragua and Panama, the providing of student volunteers for local churches during Disciple Now Weekend, and the providing of student volunteers at a construction site of a local church.