Abigail Thompson

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Abigail Thompson (Abby) is the TU softball assistant coach from Orlando, FL. She accepted Christ during the spring of 2023. Goalline Ministries was part of her life-changing decision and she shared why she decided to be baptized.

“There is a big reason that I decided to be baptized. Two words that had been a driving force in my decision to be baptized were “control” and “surrender”. I thought I could control everything myself in life. I thought I could manage all my struggles. At one time I hit my lowest point. I felt isolated and I was suffocating in my problems. In my solitude, I found Jesus. That is when I was able to fully surrender my life to Christ. I started to read the Bible daily, embraced a Christian lifestyle, and became fully devoted to Jesus. I am so happy in my decision to be able to give my control to God and surrender myself. I am so happy that today, I can give my life to Christ who has saved me. Thank you to Goalline Ministries for leading me to my faith and helping me to see a brighter future through Christ.”